Pacific Jets Aircraft Management

We know that owning, operating and managing a private jet can be a challenge.  Pacific Jets offers the perfect solution; we manage and operate the aircraft on your behalf.  It is our aim to make the entire experience easy, taking care of all essential tasks and maintaining the highest standards at all times.  In other words, we look after the details of aircraft management whilst you enjoy the benefits.



We work in accordance with strict international regulations and hold a New Zealand CAA Air Operators Certificate (AOC).   When working in partnership with Pacific Jets, you can rest assured your aircraft will achieve optimum performance and safety standards.


Pacific Jets aircraft management services include:

·         Support when buying or selling a new aircraft

·         Administering licencing requirements

·         Organising insurance

·         Crew management

·         Organising crew training

·         Aircraft maintenance scheduling

·         Catering and cleaning

·         An operations department for flight plans, slots and permissions

·         Financial advice for accounting and operating your aircraft